Categories of Industries

Categories of Industries/Projects/Activities

The Central Pollution Control Board vide order issued to APPCB on 7th March, 2016 under section 18 (1) (b) of the Water Act, 1974 and Section 18 (1) (b) of the Air Act, 1981 directed to adopt revised criteria of categorisation of industrial sectors communicated with the orders. Revised list of Red, Orange, Green and White category of industrial sectors shall be used by PCB for Consent Management and Inventorization of Industries under R/O/G/W categories.

Any further addition of new or left over industrial sectors and their categorization which is not listed in the revised list of red, Orange, Green and White industrial sectors shall be done at the level of concerned State Pollution Board following revised criteria and guidelines and no concurrence of CPCB is not required normally.

To see CPCB directions, criteria, guidelines and lists of Red/Orange/Green/Whitte Category of industrial sectors,  Click here.

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