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Consent for Estb. How to Apply Category APPCB Siting Criteria Fee Structure Abstract Issued Pending Rejected CFO & HWM Fee Structure Abstract Issued Rejected Returned



 I.  Applications  NOT  involved in obtaining Environmental Clearance:

In case of  industries which do not attract the provisions of EIA-2006 Notification, the applications may be submitted directly in the Single Window at Commissionerate of Industries, Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad / Office of the concerned General Manager, District Industries Centre in the prescribed form i.e. Common Application Form, FORM - I , PART - A and Application for Consent for Establishment, FORM -I, PART  - C5.  (website of Commissioner of Industries, A.P - www.apind.gov.in )

In case of infrastructure (other than industries) projects such as  

i)              Mining Projects. However, captive mining projects viz., Limestone mines of Cements plants etc, if filed along with Plant, be filed   through SWCA.

 ii)            Offshore and onshore Oil & Gas Exploration, development    production.

 iii)           River Valley Projects. 

iv)             Oil & Gas Transportation Pipeline. 

v)              Air Ports 

vi)             Ship Breaking units. 

vii)            Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage & Disposal   Facilities (TSDFs)  

viii)           Ports, Harbours. 

ix)             Highways. 

x)              Aerial Ropeways.  

xi)             Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) 

xii)            Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility (CMSWMF) 

xiii)           Building & Construction projects. 

xiv)            Townships & Area Development Projects. 

xv)             Change of product mix  cases of existing  chemical units.  

xvi)            Any other Non-Industrial projects,

            the CFE application form (in Triplicate)  may be submitted directly to the       concerned Regional Office of APPCB  (APPCB Application Form for CFE). 

The EE of concerned RO, APPCB inspects the site and process the applications  at RO level as per the delegated powers OR furnish the inspection report to the ZO/HO for processing the application of CFE.

 II. Applications  involved in obtaining Environmental Clearance: 

 EIA-2006 Notification

  1. Proponent applies to the concerned Regulatory Authority viz., MoE&F, GOI  (Website of Ministry of Environment & Forests - www.envfor.nic.in  )  or State Level Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA, AP) with necessary documents.  The Authority issues Terms of Reference (TORs )  to prepare draft EIA.
  1. The proponents prepare the draft EIA as per TORs.
  1. Proponent submits draft EIA along with Form-I at concerned RO with a request to conduct the Public Hearing.  The RO submits a note to the Member Secretary, APPCB to fix the venue, date and time for the public hearing through mail.
  1. The   Member Secretary fixes the date and time for the Public Hearing and issues the orders through mail.  The soft copies of the EIA and reports are to be sent to the Social Scientist (SS) for display in the web site.
  1. The details of the proposed public hearing are published in the news papers as per the procedure laid under EIA-2006 notification.
  1. Public Hearing will be conducted and minutes of the meeting are communicated to the Proponent, MoE&F and Social Scientist at Head Office.  The SS displays the minutes of the Public Hearing in the web site.
  1. The proponent has to prepare the final EIA incorporating all  clarifications  raised by the MoE&F/SEIAA, AP and  issues raised  in the Public Hearing etc.,
  1. The proponent submits the application in the Single Window at Commissionerate of Industries, Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad / Office of the concerned General Manager, District Industries Centre, in case of Industrial Projects / at concerned Regional Office, APPCB  in case of Non-Industrial Projects,  along with final EIA and a copy of the acknowledgement stating that the final EIA submitted at MoE&F, GOI or SEIAA, AP.
  1. The EE of concerned RO, APPCB inspects the site and process the applications  at RO level as per the delegated powers OR furnish the inspection report to the ZO/HO for processing the application of CFE.

III.       Acknowledgement to install DG sets   for  Information Technology   industry/ Information Technology Infrastructure/ Telecommunication  Companies.

1.       The APPCB will issue acknowledgement, which would serve the purpose of consent and there is no need for the industry to obtain periodical renewal of consent till such time that a unit modifies/ changes its line of activity and/ or increases the existing DG set capacity. Application form available in G.O.Ms.No.113, dt. 19.12.2002.



  • 66 categories of industries in SSI sector are identified having pollution potential.


  • Only these 66 category industries come under the regular consent process.
  • Consent procedures for other than 66 category industries were simplified. These categories of industries are required to apply in a simplified format at Industries Dept.,
  • The General Managers, District Industries Centre were authorized to issue acknowledgement to these units and acknowledgement will be treated as consent of the Board. Renewal is not required as long as there is no change in the activity and the capacity.
  • The acknowledgement will be issued across the table without any inspection These industries are not inspected under regular monitoring.

    V.        The CFE order is issued with a validity period of 5 years. In case, the proponent did not complete construction of the project within 5 years period, the validity period can be extended for further period based on the requisition of the proponent. APPCB issued a circular dated 26.06.2015 indicating the procedure to obtain extension of validity of CFE order.It was displayed in the website under the tab circulars.  

    VI.        Check list for applying for CFE (NEW): 


            The APPCB has formulated guidelines i.e., siting criteria for establishment of certain category of industries and distance to be maintained from the National Highway, State Highway, village roads so as to minimize the adverse impacts of the project on the surrounding environment. They are displayed in the website of APPCB under the tab consent management. The proponent is requested to select the site for the proposed project considering the above guidelines.  

            The proponent is requested to fill-in the application completely. If the space provided in the application is not adequate, data can be annexed in separate sheets. If any item is not related to the industry, it shall be filled as not applicable.  

            The filled in application will be sent to the concerned Regional Officer of APPCB through AP Single Desk. The proponent is requested to furnish the name of his/her representative, cell phone number, mail ID in the application clearly.  

            The APPCB issues the CFE order for a particular site only i.e. site specific. Hence, the representative has to show the proposed project site, on the ground. The officials of APPCB inspect the site, its surroundings and prepare a report on the proposed project covering various pollution aspects of the project. An indicative format of inspection report is displayed under the tab circulars.  

            The proponent is requested to go through the inspection format and ensure that entire data is filled in the application substantiating with necessary/relevant documents, for hassle free processing of the CFE applications. The list of documents to be enclosed with CFE application is displayed under the tab circulars.