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Delegation of Power for grant Consent for Establishment

In order to bring simplification and speedy disposal of consent applications, Board has delegated powers to Head Office, Zonal Offices and Regional Offices.  Present delegation of powers is summarized as mentioned below:



Investment in Rs.

Delegation of powers   to issue/rejection
CFE and CFO & HWA applications


a.      Environmental Clearance (EC)  cases

> 5 Crores


Head Office

b.    All Bulk drugs, intermediates & fine chemical industries, Change of Product Mix, Sponge Iron industries

Irrespective of investment



a.      Environmental Clearance (EC) case (except the cases for which powers are vested with HO)

< 5 Crores



Zonal Office

b.     All Red category cases (Excluding cases at S.No.s Ia & Ib)

Irrespective of investment

c.      Orange Category

> 1 Crore


a.       Orange Category

< 1 Crore


Regional Office

b.      All Green category

 Irrespective of investment