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How to Apply?


The industry/activity/project (for categorisation details click here) shall obtain first CFO & HWA before starting production operations/expansion activities by duly ensuring the compliance of the conditions stipulated in Consent for Establishment (CFE) order obtained from the Board earlier. CFOs are issued by the board to Red, orange, green categories of industrial sectors with validity periods of 5/10/15 years respectively from the date from the date of application. The industries have to apply for renewal of the CFO order 120 days before its expiry. The Board is issuing renewal of combined CFO & HWA order duly mentioning the validity periods of 5/10/15 years provided the industry pays the required consent fee.

Validity Period

Red Category

Orange Category

Green Category

 Consent Order and Authorization – Renewal

5 Years

10 Years

15 Years

No consent is required to be obtained by White categories industries and an intimation to the Board is sufficient.


1. Issue of first Consent for Operation (CFO):

bulletleaf-green  The occupier of industry/activity/project uploads the CFO (fresh) application along with prescribed fee and required documents (list given below) online through the “Single Desk Portal” –

bulletleaf-green  The officials of concerned Regional Office (RO), APPCB inspects the industry and processes the applications at RO level or forward the inspection report along with application and its enclosures to the Zonal Office (ZO)/ Head Office (HO) for processing the application, as per the delegated powers.

bulletleaf-green  The RO/ZO/HO of APPCB processes the CFO (fresh) application as per delegated powers and communicate the decision (issue of consent/rejection of application) and uploads the order in the Single Desk Portal within the prescribed time limit.

bulletleaf-green  The validity of CFO (fresh) order is 5 /10 / 15 years for Red / Orange / Green Categories respectively provided Occupier pays required fee. The occupier shall sub,it reasons if fee is not payed for full period of validity ie 5/10/15 years as applicable.


3. CFO Renewal:

There are two ways of renewing the CFO and HWA authorisation. They are:

1. Auto-renewal System (Click here for details)
In Auto-renewal system, called “Green Channel”,  CFO and HWA are renewed based on self certification to all categories of industries to all industries/projects.activities subject to fullfilling to the following conditions

bulletleaf-green Apply for renewal within stipulated time

bulletleaf-green There are no fresh directions under 33 (A) of water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act and 31(A) of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act since last three months.

bulletleaf-green There are no pending directions from Courts / Appellate Authority / National Green Tribunal / any Judicial Authority and there are no pending fresh cases from last three months.

bulletleaf-green There is no increase in production and / or in pollution load.

bulletleaf-green In the case of increase in the capital investment the industry shall pay additional CFE and CFO fee on increased investment.

The Occupier shall submit online the following documents for Auto-renewal of CFO and HWA
bulletleaf-green Prescribed Consent Fee

bulletleaf-green Latest capital investment in the form of Latest Annual Report or Audited balance sheet certified by the Charted Accountant.

bulletleaf-green Auto Renewal Form cum Self Certification enclosed as Annexure – A.

2. Regular Renewal System
In case of renewal, consent applications are to be submitted online through The applications are verified and examined at field level for specific compliance status on case to case basis by the RO / Board Officials. All the applications with verification reports are placed in the respective CFO Committees as per delegation of powers of RO/ZO/HO to examine the compliance status & to decide the issue of combined order of CFO & HW Authorization/Rejection of Applications. The Occupier shall not be operate without having valid Consent of the Board.


4. Delegation of Powers:

The issue of consent or rejection of CFO & HW applications will be dealt as per the delegation of powers given below:



in Rs.

Delegation of powers to issue / rejection


a. Requiring Environmental Clearance (EC cases including 17 category) as per the EIA notification 

> 5 Crores

Head Office

b. All Bulk Drugs, intermediates & fine chemical industries, Sponge
Iron industries & Bio-mass Power plants

of investment


a. Environmental Clearance cases (excluding 17 category)

≤ 5 Crores

Zonal Office

b. All Red category cases (Excluding Zonal Office cases at S.No.s Ia
& Ib)

of investment

c.  Orange Category

> 1 Crore


a.  Orange category

≤  1 Crore

Regional Office

b.  All Green category

of investment

All the applications are placed in the respective CFO Committees existing at different levels i.e., HO / ZO / RO for taking appropriate decisions.


5. List of documents to be enclosed with CFO applications:

bulletleaf-green Latest Analysis reports (Effluent and Emission).
bulletleaf-green Ambient Air Quality Reports.
bulletleaf-green Compliance status of Consent conditions

  1. All the columns of the Applications shall be filled up with relevant information or else shall be mentioned as “Not Applicable”. No Column of application shall be left unfilled.
  2. The proponent is requested to go through the CFO Verification Report format (Red, Orange, Green) and ensure that entire data is filled in the application substantiating with necessary/relevant documents, for hassle-free processing of the CFO applications.


Environmental Compliance Inspection process:

1.Red Category (High Risk) – 17 category industries as identified by CPCB, Ports, CETPs, TSDF, CBMWTFs, Ferro Alloy and sponge iron industries – To be inspected once in 6 months : Circular dated 12.02.2016 has been issued on Software based tool for Randomized Risk Based Inspections. (See: circular dated 12.02.2016)

2. Orange category (Medium Risk) : Board entrusted Environmental Compliance monitoring for the identified medium risk industries to reputed institutions like Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; JNTU, Kakinada; Nagarajuna University, Guntur; SV University, Tirupathi allocating districts, inspection procedure, terms and conditions. (See: circulars dated 23.05.2016 & 03.06.2016)

3. Green category (Low Risk): Exemption of physical inspection of Green Category industries: Green category industries maintaining satisfactory compliance (i.e., those industries which are not served with closure / stop production orders by Board or not issued with any prohibitory orders by the Courts), are exempted from physical inspection. (See: circulars dated 03.06.2016 & 22.09.2003)