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Forms GO's





Air consent form for obtaining consent for operation DOWNLOAD
Water consent form for obtaining consent for operation DOWNLOAD
Application for obtaining authorisation for collection / reception / treatment / transport / storage / disposal of hazardous wastes DOWNLOAD
Application for Consent for Establishment DOWNLOAD
Form - 1 Common Application Form I part A for Establishment Schedule-1 List of Processes generating hazardous wastes
Form - 2 Form for Grant of authorisation for occupier or operator handling hazardous wastes Schedule-2 List of waste substances with concentration limits
Form - 3 Format for maintaining records of hazardous wastes at the facility Schedule-3 Part A Lists of waste to be applicable only for imports and exports
Form - 4 Format for the submission of returns, regarding disposal of hazardous wastes Part B List of hazardous characteristics
Form - 5 Details of Accident Schedule-4 Authorities / Duties and corresponding rule
Form - 6 Application for importing hazardous / recyclable wastes as raw materials    
Form - 6A Format for maintaining records of hazardous waste imported and exported    
Form - 7 Transboundary Movement of Waste - Notification    
Form - 7A Transboundary Movement of Waste - Movement Document    
Form - 8 Marking of Hazardous Waste Containers    
Form - 9 Hazardous Waste Manifest    
Form - 10 Transport Emergency (TREM) Card    



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