Environment Acts & Rules

Environment Protection Act      Water Act      Water Cess Act      Air Act     Coastal Regulation Zone Act
Hazardous Waste Management Rules      Bio-medical Waste Management Rules      Public Liability Insurance Act
Rules for handling Harmful Micro Organisms      Recycled Plastics Usage Rules


According to Section 2(a) of the Environmental Protection Act, 1986, ‘Environment’ includes

bulletleaf-green  Water, air and land
bulletleaf-green  The inter-relationship which exists among and between

  • water, air, land, and
  • human beings, other living creatures, plants, microorganisms and property

There are different statutes / legislations enacted in India exclusively for environmental protection, which include Environment Protection Act, Water Act, Water Cess Act, Air Act,  Hazardous Waste Management Rules, Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, Public Liability Insurance Act, Rules for handling Harmful Micro Organisms, Coastal Regulation Zone Act, Recycled Plastics Usage Rules and others. Click on the above given tabs to see the details of the various acts and rules under each act.