Fly Ash

The ministry of Environment & forest Government of India has issued Notification NO. S.O. 763(E), Dated 14.09.1999 and amended on 27.08.2003  , regarding the utilization of fly ash/Bottom ash generated from Coal/Lignite based thermal power plant, to protect the environment, conserve top soil & prevent the dumping & disposal of fly ash discharged from coal or lignite based thermal power plants. Further there is need for restricting the excavation of top soil for manufacture of bricks & promoting the utilization of fly ash in the manufacture of building material & in construction activity within the radius of 100 Km from coal or lignite based thermal power plants.

The Central Government has further made amendment to the said Notification vide S.O. 2804 (E), dated. 03.11.2009, prescribing the percentage of fly ash utilization by weight in the building material or products and prescribing the target of fly ash utilization for all coal and or lignite based Thermal Power Stations and, or expansion units in operation before the date of the said amendment to achieve 100% fly ash utilization within 5 years from the date of issue of the said Notification dtd. 03.11.2009.  The target date for achieving 100% utilization of fly ash generated from new coal and or lignite based Thermal Power Stations and or expansion units commissioned after the date of the said amendment dated 03.11.2009 shall be within 4 years from the date of commissioning thereof.

As per the Amendment to the Fly Ash Utilization Notification dtd. 03.11.2009, it is obligatory on the part of every construction agency including all the construction agencies of Central or State or Local Government and Private or Public Sector within a radius of 100 kms. from a coal or lignite based Thermal Power Plant to use fly ash based products for construction, such as: Cement or Concrete, Fly Ash Bricks or Blocks or Tiles or Clay fly ash bricks, Blocks or Tiles or Cement fly ash bricks or Blocks or similar products or a combination or aggregate of them in every construction project, provided that such Thermal Power Plant Stations shall facilitate the availability of required quality and quantity of fly ash as may be decided by the Expert Committee.


Monitoring Committee

In partial modification to G.O. Ms. No. 10 dated 16.01.2013 the Government vide G.O. Ms. No. 4 of EFS & T dated 22.01.2015 reconstituted the monitoring committee for implementation of fly ash notification in the state with the following members.

bulletleaf-green  Special Chief Secretary of E.F.S. & T.- Chairman

bulletleaf-green  Principal Secretary / Secretary / Special Secretary, Energy Department

bulletleaf-green  Principal Secretary / Secretary Industries and Commerce Department.

bulletleaf-green  Principal Secretary / Secretary R.& B. Department.

bulletleaf-green  Member Secretary, A.P.Pollution Control Board


Regarding implementation of said notification, the Board has taken the following decisions for effective implementation of fly ash utilization and the same was communicated to all the Thermal Power Plant to comply with.

bulletleaf-green  Four sales executives preferably with MBA Back ground may be deployed by the thermal Plants  for aggressive marketing of fly ash, identification of bulk consumers, coordinate with stake holders etc   to improve fly ash utilization within the timelines committed during the meeting on priority basis.

bulletleaf-green  Thermal plants which have not yet provided  100% dry ash collection system shall provide 100% ash collection system with adequate storage capacity in a 6 months time as a first step to ensure 100% fly ash utilization.

bulletleaf-green  All thermal plants shall install hydro bins or any other suitable facility for collection of entire bottom ash by end of March, 2017 to facilitate utilization of bottom ash.

bulletleaf-green  Separate bank account shall be opened for depositing sales proceeds from fly ash and utilize these funds only for promotion of fly ash utilization activities till achieving of 100% fly ash utilization. Enough operational freedom may be allowed by A.P. Genco to the individual Thermal Power Plants to utilize fly ash sales proceeds for development of infrastructure or facilities, promotion and facilitation of activities related to fly ash utilization only till TPPs will achieve 100% fly ash utilization.

bulletleaf-green  Thermal plants shall undertake massive fly ash utilization campaign in the major towns/ cities nearer to their plant in association of Zonal / Regional Offices of APPCB to create awareness on fly ash notification and mandatory requirement of use of only fly ash based products in the construction activity in the prescribed Zone by providing hoardings in the tows/cities falling in their prescribed zone as agreed during the meeting.

bulletleaf-green  Zonal Officers and Regional Officers of the APPCB shall take action against all defaulting brick kilns located in the prescribe zone from the thermal plants to ensure utilization of prescribed quantity of fly ash in brick manufacturing.

bulletleaf-green  100 % imported coal based thermal plants i.e M/s. Simhapuri Energy Pvt Ltd., and M/s. Meenakshi Energy Pvt Ltd., Chillakur, SPSR Nellore District shall achieve 100 % fly ash utilization by end of March, 2016   by considering the fact that these thermal plants generate only 5% fly ash per unit of power generation compared to indigenous coal based thermal plants. These thermal Plants shall prepare clear cut time bound action plan in a three months time to achieve 100 % fly ash utilization by end of March, 2016   to became a model Plants in the state.

bulletleaf-green  All thermal Plants in the state shall prepare time bound action plans on utilization of fly ash and update the same periodically and  submit to concerned authorities including to APPCB.

bulletleaf-green  M/s. Dr. N.T.T. Power Station (VTPS) , Vijayawada shall coordinate with CRDA to promote utilization of fly ash in new capital region. A.P. Genco may take steps for constitution of joint committee consisting of Officials of AP Genco, VTPS, and CRDA to workout modalities  for utilization of fly ash and fly ash based products in capital city in compliance with fly ash notification.

bulletleaf-green  Zonal Officers of APPCB  shall conduct quarterly meetings with all stakeholders like Builders Association; Fly Ash Products Manufactures Association; Brick Manufactures Association, Municipal, R&B, NH authorities; Thermal Plant authorities etc to promote fly ash utilization.

bulletleaf-green  Regional Offices of the Board have to maintain  list of fly ash based building  materials or product manufacturing units and ensure use of specific quantity of ash by these units as per sub Para 1 © of the notification by undertaking periodical  inspections.

bulletleaf-green  Zonal Offices of the Board shall issue instructions to all construction agencies of Central/State / Local Government and Private or Public sector agencies either under taking the construction or approving he design or both in the prescribed zone to comply with the provisions of the notification and submit annual returns to the Board as per  para of I 1(B) of notification.

bulletleaf-green  Thermal Plants shall facilitates in making available land, electricity and water for manufacturing activities and provide assess to the ash lifting area for promoting and setting up of ash based production units in the proximity of the Thermal plants.


Responsibilities of TPPS

bulletleaf-green  Supply of bottom ash for free of cost to fly ash based product manufactures, farmers, Govt construction agencies and agencies engaged in backfilling or stowing of mines.

bulletleaf-green  Supply of at least 20% of dry ESP fly ash to fly ash based product manufactures for free of cost .

bulletleaf-green  Achieve 100% fly ash utilization by 2014.

bulletleaf-green  Preparation of action plan and submit to SPCB, CPCB and MOEF.

bulletleaf-green  Providing of land, electricity and water for manufacturing units.

bulletleaf-green  Deposit of sales proceeds from fly ash in separate account and utilize for promotion of fly ash utilization.

bulletleaf-green  Submission of Annual Implementation Report and making it part of annual report of TPP.

bulletleaf-green  Constitution of Dispute Settlement Committee under GM.


Status of fly ash utilization by Coal/ Lignite  based Thermal Power plants located in Andhra Pradesh   for the Year 2014- 2015 and 2015-2016(Till August) is shown below :

Name of TPP

Capacity in MW

Ash Generation in  MTPA in 2014-15

Ash Utilization
 in MTPA

% Ash Utilization

Ash Generation in MT in 2015-16(till Aug,2015)

Ash Utilization in MTPA

% Ash Utilization

Rayalseema Thermal Power Project ,Kadapa








Simhadri Super Thermal Power Station ,Vizag








RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Vizag




Dr. N.T.T. Power Station VTPS, Vijayawada








Simhapuri Energy Pvt Ltd, Nellore








Meenakshi Energy Pvt Ltd, Nellore








A.P. Genco, SDSTPS, Nellore








Thermal Power Tech, Nellore