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How to Apply ?

I. Procedure for filing and processing Consent for Establishment under Water (prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1981 applications:

The A P Pollution Control Board had formulated guidelines for establishment of certain category of industries and distance to be maintained from the National Highway, State Highway, District Roads, Village Roads and Human habitation so as to minimize the adverse impacts of the project on the surrounding environment.  The proponent has to select a suitable site for the proposed industry considering the guidelines.

After selecting the site as per above guidelines, the occupier of industry/activity/project uploads the CFE application along with prescribed fee and required documents (list given below) online through the “Single Desk Portal” –

Internal processing of application:

  • On receipt of online application, the official of concerned Regional Office (RO), APPCB inspects the site, its surroundings and prepare a report on the proposed project covering various pollution aspects of the project. Inspection of the industry/activity is completed within 72 hours of receipt of application from Single Desk Portal.
  • As per the delegation of powers, the applications are processed at RO level or they are forwarded along with the inspection report to the Zonal Office (ZO)/ Head Office (HO) for processing.

The delegation of powers can be viewed here: <Click here>

  • The official may before or after inspection seek additional information through Single Desk Portal from the applicant for the purpose of processing the application.
  • The RO/ZO/HO of APPCB process application as per delegated powers within the stipulated timelines.
  • The proposals are placed before the CFE committees of the Board for examination and for recommendations.
  • The decision (issue of consent/rejection of application) on approval is communicated and the approval order/rejection order is uploaded in the Single Desk Portal within the stipulated timelines for the user to download. The Rejection order contains the reasons for rejection.


Category       Stipulated Time

Green                7 days
Orange              15 days
Red                   21 days

List of documents:

  • Map indicating the site location with approach road including adjacent areas on all four sides duly marking nearby villages, water tanks (cheruvus / kuntas), forests, other sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, temples etc. or topo plan or Google map or IP/ IE / IDA layout duly marking the location of the industry.
  • Site layout plan drawn to the scale clearly showing the greenbelt provision.
  • Detailed process description along with a Flow Chart indicating sources of waste water generation, treatment and disposal; air emissions and control systems; hazardous waste generation and disposal.
  • For Brick kiln units, the no objection / license from local body i.e., Gram Panchayat, Zilla Parishad, Municipality or Municipal Corporation, as per the G.O.Ms.No. 80, dt. 22.04.2010 of EFS&T Department, Govt. of AP.
  • For the Industries / Projects listed in EIA Notification, 2006: Copies of Final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Clearance (EC).
  • In case of expansion: Condition-wise compliance status on conditions stipulated in CFO & HWA order for the existing unit along with latest analysis reports of Stack emissions, AAQ, inlet & outlet of ETP.

   Validity: The validity period for CFE order is 7 years.


  • The APPCB issues the CFE order for a particular site only i.e. CFE order is site specific. Hence, the representative has to show the proposed project site, on the ground during inspection.
  • The proponent is requested to ensure that entire data is filled in the application substantiating with necessary/relevant documents, for hassle free processing of the CFE applications.


II. SIMPLIFICATION IN CASE OF NON – POLLUTING SSI CATEGORY INDUSTRIES: G.O.M.s.No 26 & G.O.Ms.No. 27 dated 19.04.1994 ; G.O.M.s.No.1 & G.O.Ms.No 2 dated 23.05.1995 and G.O.Ms.No.42 dated 01.08.2017 issued by EFS&T Department 

SSI Industries (other than 66 categories of polluting industries):

  • The proponent uploads the application along with attachments online through Single Desk Portal.
  • The concerned Regional Officer of APPCB issues an acknowledgment as per the memo dated 08.08.2017 without any inspection and uploads the same in the Single Desk Portal. It serves as consent (CFE / CFO) of APPCB. The acknowledgment issued only once and valid for life period as long as there is no change in the activity and the capacity.
  • All these industries are green category industries.
  • These industries are not inspected under regular monitoring by the officials of APPCB for its compliance, as long as there are no complaints / Court cases.


Generally, the CFE orders are being issued with a validity period of 7 years to complete the construction of the industry. A few project proponents are approaching APPCB to extend the validity of CFE order, on one plea or other to complete construction of the project.

In such cases, the project proponent is advised to submit a requisition letter  in the prescribed format directly to the Issuing Authority who has issued the said CFE order duly mentioning the progress of construction of the project; reasons for extension of validity; and further period required to complete the project, enclosing a copy of CFE order; photographs of the site indicating the latest status of the project site.  The RO/ZO/HO issues auto renewal of CFE order, extending the validity of CFE order for a period of another 7 years without inspection. There will not be any inspection by the Board officials for extending the validity period of the CFE Order.  Circular dated 03.06.2016  and Prescribed Format for  Auto renewal / Extension of validity period of CFE.


IV. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO INSTALL DG SETS   for Information Technology   industry / Information Technology Infrastructure / Telecommunication Companies.

The APPCB will issue acknowledgement, which would serve the purpose of consent and there is no need for the industry to obtain periodical renewal of consent till such time that a unit modifies/ changes its line of activity and/ or increases the existing DG set capacity. Application form available in G.O.Ms.No.113, dt. 19.12.2002.


As per the provisions laid under EIA Notification – 2006, certain projects / activities listed in the notification require to obtain Environmental Clearance (EC) from Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, GoI (MoEF & CC, GOI) or State Level Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA, AP) depending upon the category of project. The procedure involved in obtaining EC is available at /