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Key Public Awareness Functions of the Board

Environment Education Wing section is for conducting Environment Awareness Programmes in Andhra Pradesh, involving Industries, Urban Local Bodies, Schools and other Organisations like NGOs, CBOs, Women Groups and general community. The section also issues media releases, rejoinders, analyse press reports, bring out publications including newsletters and annual reports. Other functions of this section include media conferences, world event days related to environment, participating in radio talks and TV interviews, event handling, participation in exhibitions and making documentary films for public awareness.

The Board has established Environment Education Wing for under taking the following activities

bulletleaf-green  Conducting environmental awareness programmes, publicity campaigns and conducting major World Environmental events.

bulletleaf-green  Conducting media conferences periodically for dissemination of information on Board’s activities and for creation of environmental awareness among public.

bulletleaf-green  Release of Board’s advertisements through newspapers and environment related magazines.

bulletleaf-green  Networking and supporting NGOs and stakeholder departments for creating environmental awareness in the local community.

bulletleaf-green  Publishing of periodical reports and resource material such as posters, brochures, pamphlets and newsletters which are distributed in schools, industries and municipalities for creating environmental awareness.

bulletleaf-green  Conducting Rally with School/ College Students in the District Head Quarter create awareness among the public on green initiatives.

bulletleaf-green  Conducting Workshop/ Seminar in Colleges, Universities in coordination with NSS Coordinators on Biodiversity conservation, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Community environmental initiatives.

bulletleaf-green  Conducting Workshops in Hospitals on Bio-medical Waste Management practices.

bulletleaf-green  Conducting Workshops in Industry on Green building concepts, Waste Minimization, Cleaner production initiatives, Energy conservation etc.