Plastic Waste Management

The Plastic Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011 are applicable for plastic products such as carry bags pouches are multi-layered plastic pouch or scheat etc., which have been discarded after use or after their intended life is over.

As per Plastics Rules 2011(Amended) the enforcement of the provisions of these Rules related to registration, manufacturing and recycling shall be the State Pollution Control Board. As per Plastic Rules 2011 (Amended) the enforcement  for the provisions of these Rules relating to the use, collection, segregation, transportation and disposal of plastic waste the prescribed authority shall be  the municipal authority concerned.


Key Activities

The Board is issuing registration to plastic manufacturing units in the State.

As per the records available there are about 71 plastic manufacturing units operating with registrations and whenever they are expiring the registration is being renewed.




The A.P. Pollution Control Board Inventorized 355 plastic units in the State and issued registrations to 209 plastic units and regularly monitoring the units for compliance with the Plastics Rules.


The A.P. Pollution Control Board is conducting regular inspections of plastic units for checking compliance of Rule-4 of the Plastics Rules. The Board found 25 plastic units as violating the Rules. A fine of Rs. 25,000/- each was imposed on 22 units and Rs. 50,000/- on three units for the 1st offence.


Key Members of the Team

Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
Joint Chief Environmental Engineer

Mr. Vijay Kumar is the Joint Chief Environmental Engineers at Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board. He has done his Master in Technology with Chemical Engineering as his area of specialisation, followed by Masters in Business Administration. He has extensive experience of close to three decades in the field of environment protection and enforcement activities.

Mr. Kumar has attended many national and international conferences and training programs, some of which include the training programme at YOKOHAMA, Japan in the year 1997,  Hazardous Waste Management training programme at IIT, Mumbai in April 2011, Pharmaceutical Industry training programme at Mumbai during the Year 2015.