Vision, Mission, and Objectives


“To achieve economic growth with environmental management for an improved quality of life  in Andhra Pradesh”



“To prevent, control and abate pollution of streams, wells, land and air in the State, to protect the environment from any degradation by effective monitoring and implementation of pollution control legislations”



bulletleaf-green  To bring all round improvement in the quality of the environment in the State by effective implementation of environmental laws.

bulletleaf-green  Control of pollution at source to the maximum extent possible with due regard to technological achievement and economic viability.

bulletleaf-green  Advice to the entrepreneur in selection of sites for setting of industries from pollution point of view.

bulletleaf-green  Identifications of sites and development of procedures and methods for the disposal of Hazardous Wastes.

bulletleaf-green  Promoting re-use and re-cycle of sewage and trade effluent on land for irrigation and for industrial purpose after giving appropriate treatment and thereby economizing the use of water. The practice also helps in stopping pollution of water due to reduction in discharges of waste into water bodies.

bulletleaf-green  Co-ordination with other agencies of the State Government and local authorities to encourage the Common Effluent Treatment Plants and Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities.

bulletleaf-green Close co-ordination and rapport with Industries Associations, Government organisations, etc. to create environmental awareness and compliance

bulletleaf-green Facilitate faster clearance of approvals.