Water Cess

A.P. Pollution Control Board is the Water Cess Assessing and Collecting Authority in the State of Andhra Pradesh on behalf of Govt. of India. The water cess is collected from Industries and Local Bodies based on the water  consumed or supplied by them. The Member Secretary of the Board is the Assessing and collecting authority in any State.


Key Activities

bulletleaf-green  The Water Cess assessment and collection is being handled by the Head office and as per the Cess Act all the  industries and local bodies have to be assessed in each financial year.

bulletleaf-green  Cess will be assessed based on stream wise water meter readings/CFO order of the Board/Report etc.

bulletleaf-green  Water consumed/supplied by Industries/Local Bodies is segregated into 4 categories depending on the pollution load.

bulletleaf-green  Interest will be levied on assessment amount at the rate of 2% per month, if not paid with in stipulated time.

bulletleaf-green  Opportunity is given to the Industries to appeal against the Assessment Order.

bulletleaf-green  The Cess amount collected from the Industries and Local Bodies by the Board will be transferred to the MoE&F into Consolidated fund of India.

bulletleaf-green  The MoE&F will reimburse 80% of transferred amount to the state.

bulletleaf-green  The Cess amount reimbursed from MoE&F will be utilized by the state Boards as per the guidelines/directions of MoE&F.


Important Acts & Rules related to Water Cess

bulletleaf-green  The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977 and subsequently amendments in 1991 &
2003. PDF-download-icon

bulletleaf-green  The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Rules, 1978.  PDF-download-icon


Key Team Members

Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
Joint Chief Environmental Engineer

Mr. Vijay Kumar is the Joint Chief Environmental Engineers at Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board. He has done his Master in Technology with Chemical Engineering as his area of specialisation, followed by Masters in Business Administration. He has extensive experience of close to three decades in the field of environment protection and enforcement activities.

 Mr. Kumar has attended many national and international conferences and training programs, some of which include the training programme at YOKOHAMA, Japan in the year 1997,  Hazardous Waste Management training programme at IIT, Mumbai in April 2011, Pharmaceutical Industry training programme at Mumbai during the Year 2015.

Mr. A. Ramarao Naidu
Environmental Engineer

Mr. K.Vijay Mohan
Assistant Environmental Engineer